When I look around me I see a lot of young girls, adolescents and women who struggle with a busy life and don't know what to eat and how to fuel themselves properly, normally they under-eat or over-eat and more than 50% of their caloric requirement comes from sugary snacks or processed food. This way of eating leads to eating disorders, malnutrition and obesity, acne, hormonal issues and low fitness level and performances..
I decided to try to make an impact in this society and stand up for these girls and help them find a BALANCE in order to become strong, determined, balanced and happy women in the future.

I coach women according to our physiology ( the menstrual cycle).
It’s a proper game changer in a normal woman’s life and it boosts sports performances to high levels for athletes.
Women go through 2 phases during the 28 days cycle and physiologically speaking we must eat and train in a different way.