Think and live like an athlete

It’s not a matter of winning at life or losing at life…the only thing that matters is how to feel at your very best most of the times. 

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about how to feel good and how to translate that feeling into words ready to be applied into action for anyone. 

Travelling made me realise even more of how mentally strong we are.

It’s not a matter of luck, I am not fortunate to have this attitude, I worked hard to get it.

It’s a mental asset that became natural after years of hard practice. 

So, when you share space with other people and witness how their mindset works compared to yours, you ask yourself questions or they ask you why you behave like you do or how you learnt to be like that.

It’s a very good question. 

I had to think about it. 

What I replied is..

In life, it does not matter if you are winning or losing at all, the only thing that matters for me is to try to feel at my very best most of the times. 

..and the secret is only one: 

think and live like an athlete.

What would an athlete do? 

What would an athlete eat in a specific moment? 

How would an athlete unwind? 

What words would athletes tell to themselves? 

How would an athlete live daily? 

Athletes are called like that because they compete for a task or contest according to  the real Greek term. 

Athletes follow a rigid training schedule and life habits in order to succeed in their task. 

They work hard and they recover hard. 

They would do anything to succeed. 

The brilliant thing is that YOU could apply that mindset to ANYTHING in life because life is a task or a progression of infinite tasks. 

Athletes don’t moan about eating healthy 90% of the time, they know that nutritious food is key.

Athletes don’t train on empty stomach for hard sessions, they value energy levels. 

Athletes don’t go out on long runs without water, they value hydration. 

Athletes CELEBRATE good times, they value achievements. 

Athletes train with purpose and don’t get out the house with no plan, they value patience. 

Athletes don’t go to bed late, they value sleep. 

Athletes recover, they value performance.

They have that kind of “chasing the best option commitment-vibe” for their purpose all the time. 

And this is life changing. Read that again.


Anyone can apply that mentality in their life. 

Just imagine how different your life could be if you could apply that mindset to anything you do: self love,sports, family, friends, work. 

You would start loving yourself more, working harder for your dreams, you could do so much more with that kind of commitment to the things you love. 

You would start feeling good most of the times because you would discover the importance of good sleep, great nutrition, celebratory days, working hard days and so on. 


be like an athlete.