The importance of pasta

In sports nutrition, pasta can’t be excluded, contrary to what most part of the population think and the idiotic world of fad diets, carbohydrates are everything and they are the petrol that fuels sports performance and wellbeing for the body

Carbs must be eaten before, during and after training and races.
In particular pasta and cereals like rice and buckwheat,polenta must always be present into an athlete’s diet, they contain muscle glycogen and liver glycogen that assures the right reserve of energy during sports performances
Let’s talk about pasta though: cook it al dente, with light and not so fatty condiments. A classic spaghetti or fusilli with tomatoes sauces and extra virgin olive oil are suggested because they are easy to digest and ideal for athletes, especially for those  who train hard every day like runners, cyclists, triathletes, rugby and football players and so on..
Eat pasta run fasta? 100%