Put your hand up if you know a woman who has been disrupted by the wrong concept of low carbs and yo-yo dieting??

Women have been thinking about their appearance for centuries but in the past 50 years, society and media dictated us the way we should look and how to achieve it without thinking about the internal consequences.

There is a lot of infertility around due to this wrong concept, obesity level in menopause is rising, a lot of women with hormonal imbalances that lead to diseases and mental health issues and even worse, athletes with RED’s symptoms.

Extreme diets and fad diets can harm and hack the hormonal health because of how our body works. The body needs a variety of nutrients and all the macros to support our physical health and mental health. The right amount of Carbohydrates is vital for a healthy menstruation because they work together with estrogen to prepare the follicle in order to have ovulation, in other words, ovulation doesn’t happen with low energy levels coming from extreme low carbs diet. Of course if you push it further, women not only skip ovulation becoming infertile but they also skip menstruation and they disrupt their hormones.

Remember that the high oestrogen phase, the follicular phase, is carbs dominant.

•CARBS: whilst the consumption of processed and refines carbohydrates should be minimal, it is recommended to keep high fiber carbs intake high to promote gut health and overall hormonal health. But what’s the right amount? Everyone is different but it is recommended that 50% of calories should be coming from carbs in the follicular phase. 

Zero carbs/very low carbs lifestyles should be avoided from the first menarche to peri-menopause, most importantly in the fertile age, as they disrupt hormones and might create glandular issues.

Even if someone has to lose weight or wants to go though a cutting phase in her diet to increase the power/weight ratio and lose body fat, carbohydrates are essential.

Always keep in mind that fat burns in a carbohydrate flame