Porridge is one of the best functional breakfasts for athletes, but why?

Porridge is probably the best low GI breakfast option for athletes/amateur athletes: it’s so full of complex carbohydrates and protein to top up the glycogen stores, keep us full and that keep us going for a long time

It has been shown that foods with a low to moderate GI, such as porridge, enhance endurance when consumed around three hours before exercise

Low GI food appear to trigger the body and muscles to use fat more efficiently, thereby conserving glycogen to be used later and of course, as a result, you can perform well for a longer period of time

Porridge is a perfect pre long run/ride/swim and race breakfast but be aware of the fibre intake and eat it 2-3 hours before your activity

Porridge can be done with oats, millet, buckwheat flakes, quinoa flakes etc etc , my favourites are definitely buckwheat and oats

Also think about the toppings:
-choose bananas to get potassium -choose berries to add antioxidants -choose dark/extremely dark chocolate to get more magnesium and minerals
My weird tip? Add a pinch of salt to it especially to fuel long runs or races,it’s that little extra sodium that you will definitely need during your long sweaty activity to achieve a good sodium/potassium balance