Fuelling Endurance

What does it mean to fuel endurance? 

If endurance is the ability to tolerate an event that demands a great physical stamina, the fuel for endurance is the force that makes that tolerance level possible, sustainable and achievable. 

The fuel has to come through various macronutrients and micronutrients, a real balanced diet where all the nutrients are eaten to achieve optimal performance.

Fats, carbs, protein, vitamin, minerals and fibre are all crucial to create that critical balance of nutrients within the body to support long distance events and the essential recovery.

Fats and carbs though are definitely the kings of these nutrients.

If carbs need to be refilled regularly during long sports events as the body can’t store them up to a certain point, fats are the inexhaustible store for most endurance events.

If carbs are the fuel for instant bursts of energy needed for speed, fats are that valuable metabolic force that keeps the body going at a slower steady pace for a very long time. 

As you can see the role of carbs and fats is huge in sports but we also need to mention the other important roles they have within the body and the important relationship between them.

“Fats burn in a carbohydrate flame” is not just a quote to fight against low carbs fad diets but it’s the scientific evidence that fats need carbs in order to be broken down and provide energy because the break down of carbohydrates has to happen simultaneously. 

Knowing what to eat and the exact timing of specific nutrient is the key to performance nutrition and most importantly to maintain a great health.

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